Janitorial Services Defined by Purpose


We Operate At a Higher Standard

We always work towards the best standards in the cleaning industry by providing programs designed to suit your demands either you want a nightly, day or one-time cleaning service. We’re not only tidy but follow up and do what we promise to do. Every customer can confirm if he or she is satisfied with our services.

We Offer Commercial Cleaning

Does your company operate from a school, clinic, or office building? We offer expert commercial cleaning for any industry that fosters a positive work environment and make your buildings sparkle.

Our green cleaning products are also very effective and don’t leave odors or residue, and regardless the facility you use, our techniques and tools cover your disinfecting and cleaning responsibilities.

Our Cleaning Services are Designed to Your Needs

For your business to run without any interruption, we provide budget-friendly janitorial cleaning services on the day.  When you opt for daytime cleaning services rather than after-hours, your energy expenses as well as cleaning costs are reduced.

And since our cleaning personnel don’t have to be on-site after-hours, you don’t need to build cooling or heating or run lights.

Benefits You Get From Subscribing to Our Services

We offer you consistent on-site training for cleaning personnel, comprehensive cleaning plan, sound review programs, and scheduling choices that suit your needs.

About Us

About Us

Would you like to experience the best janitorial service you can get?
Do you have offices, spaces, rooms, or any cubicle you want to clean out?
We handle this and we deliver the best clean and highest quality you can get.

Would you like to experience the best janitorial service you can get?

Do you have offices, spaces, rooms, or any cubicle you want to clean out?

We handle this and we deliver the best clean and highest quality you can get.

As our client, we offer the best possible opportunity to render a very effective service based on your budget. We provide top-level security, safety, and very efficient productive cleaning teams.  Our cleaning services can be customized to suit your needs and we have the best onboard choice equipment and products in the business.

P & P janitorial gives the best impression as we manage an impeccable and tidy business, and when it pertains to running your business, the services you employ can make a lot of difference. If you‘re stressed up with the types of janitorial service vendors you use as a result of not keeping up with their words or being complacent, you need to hire the services of professionals.

These are experts whose approach to a job is to do it perfectly. We offer impeccable services, and understand how to produce remarkable outcomes that are dependable anytime of the day. If you source for janitorial services from your close connections, upon finding us, we will take up the intricate duty for yourself and your team.

For many years in a row, we’ve committed offering the best industry standards for cleaning services to our clients.


Our mission here is to offer janitorial services to schools, healthcare facilities and offices. Our clients can opt for weekly, daily or monthly cleaning services, and we care for hard carpets, maintain and clean hard-surface floors, handle waste disposal, wash and dust windows.

We also clean offices, lobby or reception areas, restrooms, kitchens and organize sanitation programs as well as restock. By working with us, you have greater control over your request and you can browse through the multitude of services we offer.


Our vision is to apply industry standard technology to offer a cleaner space. With experience that is spanning over two decades now, we aim to offer the best form of cleaning day-in, day-out. A good example of our reliable and effective cleaning process is our patented Capture and Removal Cleaning system.

It synergizes improved technologies, effective products and an approach that delivers top-level productivity to lessen VOCs, airborne dust and bacteria greatly.

Value Statement

There are things that serve as underlying values for us as a company, they are what we call values. Some of them include:

Excellent customer service






We offer three major services namely janitorial services for healthcare facilities, schools, and offices. Under these services, we handle duties like daytime cleaning, metrics for inspections, response time and standards.

Janitorial Services for Healthcare Facilities

Health facilities or establishments that employ our services expect us to sustain the safety and health of workers and patients. We are responsible for eliminating and tackling dangerous foreign bodies from the health institution to secure a safe and sterile environment.

Janitorial Services for Schools

Janitorial services for Schools entails providing a comprehensive array of janitorial services to universities, private schools and charter schools. Our cleaning services improves the productivity levels in academic institutions, ensures a tidy environment, mitigates the growth of germs that make students absent from schools and bolsters pride.

We design our programs for schools such that they operate within an organized and neat space while boosting personal welfare. Every day, our workers are assigned the duty of taking tables, lamps, chairs and other piece of furniture to the right places. Our personnel are also expected to dust bookshelves, desktops, file cabinets and any other dusty surface.

Janitorial Services for Offices

For offices, we clean them to the extent that they reflect the personality of the owner and his approach to life. The cleanliness of a workplace matters a lot which is why companies hire us to make sure their office is well taken care of.

Our services also comprise food service sanitation and cleaning, matting programs, computer room cleaning, carpet care and upholstery, an Award-winning green cleaning, move management, window cleaning, landscaping, pressure washing, clean room services, recycling and hard surface floor care.

We schedule our cleaning program to suit the time and frequency you desire and your company. Our services also cut down on costs and brings the cleaning time down by almost 25% while maintaining a disinfected and blemish-free environment.

One thing you can also find with us is our team of professional staff. They work with advanced technology and apply proprietary systems to reduce bacteria and dust.



Would you like to reach out to us?

Would you like to reach out to us?

You can do that through many ways. Whether you opt for our online form, or you prefer to contact us via any of the numbers provided below, you’d be talking to our customer care service in no time.

No matter the challenge you’re facing as our customer, we are here for you and always at your service. We not only make working with us comfortable and cost-effective, but a memorable experience.

To talk with us faster, reach out to us on 313.910.4384. We offer our customer free complaint calls from the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. If email is your thing, you can speak with us via Prestonjanitorial@gmail.com.

We also have social media presence on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram through which you can contact us by dropping a message, comment or complaint.